Saturday, October 31, 2009

WEll its Halloween and GaGa Ghazi Aita is still Laughing that he sold OWLWOOD FOR 33 Million. OLd Rolland and Dawn Arnall bought the Curse. Ahh Yess he had gone on to sell his 585 Fifth Ave NC apt for 3.3 million which he bought for 175 grand another dump turned into gold. Now ol Ghazi is Hawking Cigars and Jewerly online ( Just Name It) what a Boza. Of course he has the help of his Favorite Kiss Ass JOsimar Silviera. What I wonder is how he is gettin Hookers Now days??? Maybe the Embassy of the Republic of San Marino via Robero Basamilei has him Hooked Up. Either Way here is a guy who all ways wanted to look good and seem like he cared but he didn"t in the end if it did not benifit him you were Toast. I also like the story I read about the brokers who sold Owlwood getting some Crystal Ball award. For what Drew and Brooke for Kissing Ass or putting some more maids and gardeners out of Work. The Curse is on Your Ass Too for being Unethical and Sleezy. Yes I know You were fueled by B.Finkster who Oversees a Huge Domain of Professional Liars with Pants on Fire. I will Pray Hard Tonight on Halloween for All of Your Souls to Turn into Crap on Eartg as You Deserve. Think I will Drive by and put sprinkle some Canary Food on Owlwood. This will make the Curse Stronger also may an Owl Swoop Down and Peck Your Greedy Heads. Well BOOOOOOOOOO On YOU.
BOOOOOOOO its Halloween. A scary time at Owlwood. Well Mikes been dead a couple of months and now the curse of Owlwood will start on some one else. I would say the likely suspects are Anyone still living on South Carolwood, Of course Dawn changed the name but we know what it really is. Well as they say Bad Things Happen to Bad People. BOOOOOOOOOOO

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson and the Curse of Carolwoood Drive.

I find it ironic that MJ passed away in Holmby Hills across the street from where I lived and worked for 22 years at Sunset and Carolwwod in Holmby Hills. His Poor Mother and Kids. I met him in 2002 when he came to the estate to look at the property and meet my ex Boss Ghazi Aita the True Owner and Seller of Owlwood. Not Englebert Humperdink. My boss owned 2 homes with over 35,000 sq ft. EH owned the Pink Palace on 1 acre. MJ was not interested at 58,000,000. He did take pictures with me and let me sit in his Rolls with him. I lived at 10060 Sunset Blvd in the old Esther Williams mansion and watched them build the house MJ was renting. Of course I did not pay 100,000 a month. What I am getting at is having lived on the corner a cross from him at S. Carolwood. I will tell all as have said for years that Carolwood Drive and several pieces of land on it such as the Pink Palace, Esther Williams:s home and Owlwood had So Many Bad things Happen Over the Years it Can Not Be a Myth. My booses wife died there. The Guy who bought it from my boss Roland Arnall died there. I find it Strange with All these reporters that are there would Not bring up the fact that MJ was Living on Dead Mans Curve. I saw saw So Many Bad accidents there and several people die there. At night I would listen to the tires screech and then the Bang. I can not seeing paying that much money to live on such a deadly corner. Also So Damm Loud with Tourist Night and Day. Owlwood is full of owls which if fly over you is said to bring bad luck. I will Pray for His Soul. Mother and His Poor Family. Look at all these people in front of his house. Turn on the Sprinklers. Greg Hagins